Your health insurance in Germany

„your health is in good hands!“


German employees are in favour of one of the best and most comprehensive social insurance systems worldwide. With respect to health care, health insurance in Germany is mandatory for every employee. We like to introduce you to an overview about the different services of the health insurance and supplementary benefits of the BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER.

The social insurance system throughout Germany inludes five different subsystems. There is  the social health insurance, the long-term care insurance, the statutory pension insurance, the accident insurance, and the unemployment insurance. All these sub-systems are characterized by different insurance carriers and services provided. 
The provision of services in the German social health insurance follows the principle of benefits. For instance one does not have to pay for the provided services. Instead, costs for all predefined services of the statutory benefit catalogue are compensated by the different sickness funds – all one need is an insurance card that states the membership to one of the German sickness funds and, therefore, the presence of insurance coverage.

  • Outpatient care: The BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER compensates incur expenses for all necessary medical check-ups and interventions provided by both general practitioners and specialists – permanently and across Germany. The insurance card of the BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER guarantees free choice of general practitioners and specialists licensed to the social health insurance.

  • Inpatient care: To restore your health in a quick and sustainable way, we incur expenses for medical interventions, operations, and pharmacotherapy as well as residence and catering in all licensed hospitals – again, the insurance card guarantees free choice and permanent access to all licensed hospitals across Germany. All you have to pay is the compulsory co-payment oft €10 per day spent in hospital, restricted to a maximum number of 28 days a year.

  • Pharmacotherapy: The BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER incurs expenses for all ethical pharmaceuticals and dressings prescribed by licensed medical providers. All you have to pay is the compulsory co-payment. Kids and teenagers are exempt from any co-payments until the age of 18

  • Remedies: In many medical interventions remedies, thus as massages or physiotherapy, play an important role. Adults over 18 years have to incur a co-payment of €10 for each prescription and 10% of the corresponding costs.

Insurance coverage provided by the BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER offers the following benefits: 

1. Free service-hotline (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).

2. Rewarding bonus program for adults and kids – lead a healthy life and visit medical check-ups on a regular basis and gain premiums for your individual health saving account or direct paybacks. 

3. More flexibility with individual health saving accounts.

4. BKK Active-Week and Fit-for-Well program.

5. Home assistance services also in case of acute illness.

6. MINIKIT – our special program for young families.

7. Medical appointment scheduling.

8. Extra tariffs (e.g. deductibles, premium refunds, general practitioner centred-model etc.).

9. Attractive supplementary insurance tariffs (provided by Allianz Agency Stemmer, a private health insurance company).

10. Funding of all vaccination programs recommended by the Standing Committee on Vaccination of the Robert Koch Institute (Abbreviation STIKO)

11. Prevention and health promotion programs (funding of up to two, frequently visited health-related courses with a contribution of a maximum amount of €75 for each course).



Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or assistance. Our free phone number +49 (0)800 0 255 255 is available for you 24-7.